w e l c o m e 

to a life of embodied expression

where your light is seen + celebrated
where your shadows are held + loved
where connection triumphs over competition

your wholeness 
is desired here,

enter the coven

 "It’s hard to convey
the feeling of total trust,
sweet surrender, and
boundless love that
this circle is.

Women sharing their
heartfelt desires, their
vulnerable weaknesses,
their triumphant

is off limits
or taboo."

— Kate Inserra, 
New Jersey, USA

a journey of deep, relational healing

join a deep energetic pilgrimage into the seven core chakras

beginning may 2024 

a deep dive into
energetic integrity,
relational awareness, and
sovereign feminine expression.

(in other words: all the subtle things you need to know
to weave the life & relationship of your dreams.) 









i desire a vibrantly creative life

i am an
Exquisite Woman
who desires

⟢ to be seen, heard, and celebrated 
in my unique creative expression 

⟢ to touch both the SHADOWS and the LIGHT
of my own tender journey, integrating all lost
pieces of me into the wholeness of my soul

⟢ to be fully liberated of old programming
as i come into deeper intuitive awareness 
of the God-given miracle i came here to be

⟢ to develop a profound relationship with reality
that anchors me in the truth of my body
as i alchemize my wounds into wisdom

⟢ to be held, cherished, and deeply supported 
by my beloved, my soulmate friends,
my ancestors, and my (hu)man coven 

⟢ to have full access to the depth and range
of my life force-energy, the ALIVENESS
of feeling, meaning, and heartfelt devotion

YES — this is within my desire ✨

the coven holds
a deep journey into 
embodied expression 

where nervous system regulation
meets richly creative, intuitive practices

that take you deeper into self-acceptance
and approval of your wildest desires


“I love how much I felt held
and seen by you, even if we
were hundreds of women.”

— Nicole Driemeier, Germany

receive this soul medicine


“Working with Sufey has literally changed my life.

I feel my roots so much more grounded and stable than they ever have been. I am in awe of the miracles that have occurred in life over the time of the course.

My partner and I's relationship has completely transformed from arguments and toxicity to balanced and compassionate.

I feel like a much more present and loving mother.

My heart and nervous system are so open to surrendering to the process of life because I finally feel safe. I can not say enough good things about this container.”

— Megan Hampton, Missouri, USA


elevate your life force

the coven is a
circle of exquisitely
radiant women

devoted to turning the SHIT 
that they’ve had to wade through
blooming creative garden 🌺

we alchemize the hidden emotion
and energy trapped in our bodies
to turn our raw painbodies into

this is an intentionally grounded field
held in deeply loving somatic support
to move in rich and sustainable ways
towards your unique life dharma

this is within my desire

I have spoken with many women in the duration of this course as to what lit the fire under my ass recently to shift so many things in my family lines. I can't wait to continue this journey with you Sufey!

— Kamdyn Wilst, Canada 

join the sisterhood

 aloha, queens đ“ť 

my name is sufey

i am Poetry in motion—
a LIVING piece of ART, 
a woman dripping in
eros and creativity. 

i am a devoted Wife,
a wild-schooling Mother,
a collector of Kindred Spirits,
and a devotee of Beauty.

i guide my Beloveds back home 
into their innate ALIVENESS,
into the Shakti begging to be
unleashed from their soul.

over the past 18 years, i've worked with over 
ten thousand women in re-claiming their right
to an erotic, sensual, and deeply fulfilling creative life.

the sufey story

Oh yes! Totally in, in, innnnn! Loved this one and the thought of doing this kind of thing on the regular with such an amazing tribe... mind-blowing! 

 Eva Schwaighofer, Austria  

feel it ALL for yourself

"This work spirals and there is no end destination, I keep on peeling layers and layers, surprised at the depth this course has allowed me to experience within and without."

— Yasmin Bergmann, Spain

dive to the depths


Sufey is.... Indescribable. Inside a safe container and under her guidance, I was able to express and reveal parts of myself that I thought had been buried forever. 

— Biba Tanya, Portugal

this is holy work